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::Champagne Bed and Breakfast Inn:: your email reality check.
Check out rumors, inspirational stories, virus warnings, humorous tales, please for help, urban legends, prayer requests, and calls to action to see if they are truth or fiction
 ~ Are those "sympathy" letters for real that we get in our email? Follow this link to find out!
Another great site for finding out what "sympathy letters" are true and which are false.The Museum of hoaxes 
Interesting info here about spam including chain letters, etc.
See if the virus info you're looking for is here ~
Your online guide to spyware and anti-spyware.
browser security test
Test your browser's security now
Alphabetized Error Message List
Your computer coughs up an error message, but what does it mean? Look for an explanation here
Internet privacy issues 
Get the latest information on the lowest forms of internet traffic hijacking
Most chain letters (those 'send to everyone you know') are nothing more than someone's crazy idea of fun. Though no real harm is done by the letter itself, your name and sometimes your location, is out there for others to see when you forward these things on. And, of course, our inboxes are jammed full of junk mail. With that said, check out the sites just below and be sure to bookmark one or both of them. Then the next time you receive a chain letter, you can check to see if it's legit or not before sending it on to everyone in your address book.


This is a good place to learn about all those spam letters that most of us receive from time to time in our email. I think you'll find this webpage very interesting. Click on the button above.

Do you want to know why your email is filled with junk mail? Learn how it got there and what to do about it.

If you don't want junk mail, here's a way to say so strongly ~
Find out if those forwarded emails or stories you're hearing are really true!


Before sending anymore of those forwards you receive in your email, read this first.

Are you ready for your lesson? ;-)


I have tried giving credit where credit is due for all the images appearing on this page. Others were either found on public domain sites or were created for me.