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Remembering Marie

For Marie

Our Marie
For Marie

My Dear Friend,
The news reached me in mid-March (2008) that you had gone on without the rest us. I find myself waiting to receive - via email - your monthly newsletter, the forwards, and personal emails. I always looked forward to those. I never told you this, but I copy and pasted the many "goodies" you included in the newsletters and saved them. I printed out many of them.
In your last newsletter, you asked everyone to rmember me in their prayers because of my own health issues. I never thanked you for doing that and I hope you knew how much I appreciated you.
We've known one another for a long time and it's going to take an even longer time for the ache in my heart to go away.
While I will never forget you nor stop missing you, time will ease this ache. And I know that's what you would want for me.
I know how much it broke your heart when Sharing Love & Prayers was closed. You helped so many members there with your love and hugs!
Nope, life will not ever be the same without your being here. The "afterlife" we all have to look forward to will be a wonderful day. I will meet you face-to-face and we will know one another instantly without speaking a word. (I do remember hearing your voice when I called you!) And there will be no parting ever again.
Go with God, my friend. I'll see you soon.
Your Angela