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Remembering Marie

Our Marie

Our Marie
For Marie

In the above photo, one can see Marie's beautiful spirit. Friends and family were especially important to her, but none as much as her WH. (She used the acronym "WH" for "Wonderful Husband.") We all knew that Wayne was her soulmate and hero.

The photo above was the first one that I had seen of Marie. It amazes me at how much different our mind's eye sees someone we've never met. When we actually see them for the first time, it ususally isn't anything like we imagined.

Marie learned how to make graphics with her name on them and she took special pride in her work. I think the image above is one Marie created for herself and her husband.

Marie loved her God and tried her best to please Him. She was of deep faith and strongly believed in prayer. She was a member of the Jehovah's Witness, and while I don't believe as they do, our religious preferences never interfered into our friendship.