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We helped ^Bob^ to the Rainbow Bridge on October 28, 2004, where he was warmly greeted by  ^Lucky^, ^Granny^, and all the other furbabes we have lost. He is buried in his grandmother's backyard, not too far from where we buried ^Lucky^. We miss ^Bob^ terribly and his passing has left a huge void.

Our loveable senior mutt, Bob (Below)
We adopted him from our veternarian's office after someone had apparently abandoned him there. Its obvious that Bob is Australian Shepherd and German Shepherd, but we have no idea what other breeds he may be mixed with.. His ears are too large for his head and his 'elbows' are deformed which causes him to lay with his front legs spread out from his sides. He has developed arthritis in his elbows, has hip dysplasia, and he's almost all the way deaf. He's very intelligent, affectionate, and always quite eager to please. We adore him!


(I chose the following for ^Bob^ because it seemed so fitting. He loved to ride and his last one was in a pickup truck...)
I Wanted To Go

Each time I left, you wanted to go,
I'd pick up my keys and you would know.
Your whole body shook, your eyes had that gleam,
"A ride in the truck, oh please take me!"

So many times that you couldn't go,
I'd try to explain, so you would know.
"Not today baby, you have to stay,
I'm going to work, there's no place to play."

"Another day, no dogs in the store",
All of those reasons and so many more.
And when I came home, there you'd be,
Waiting in the window, watching for me.

Today I told you, "Let's go for a ride",
As ever before, you came to my side.
We got in the truck, I buckled your belt,
No gleam in your eyes, you sensed what I felt.

We arrived at the office and went inside,
My mind was racing, "This was our last ride.
The Bridge is waiting, please find your way
The others will help you and treat you with

I held you close to calm your fears,
My whole body shook, my eyes filled with tears.
You took your last breath and I want you to know,
This time you left me.....and I wanted to go.
~Author Unknown