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Isn't he handsome? We adopted Mr. Higgins (below) from an animal shelter when he was about 2 years old. He is approximately 11 years old now. We were not sure of what breed he might be, but our vet has told us that Mr. H. could very well be a wire-haired dachshund. He has been a ton of fun and we love him dearly.


Mr. Higgins grew old and tired. He had become deaf and almost blind and was beginning to lose control of his bladder and bowels. Then he became so filled with fear (we think because of his not being able to see or hear), that he whined and would refuse to move from the spot he was on. He became depressed and his appetite slowed way down. On May 23, 2006, we had to help him to cross over the Rainbow Bridge.
It wasn't a decision made lightly or because we didn't want to have to take care of him. We knew he was miserable - not even a human would want to suffer the fear and shame (for pottying on the floor) that he did. We based our decision on what we thought Mr. Higgins would want us to do.
Before he left to go to the vet clinic, he was bouncing around and truly happy. It was if he knew somehow... I spent a little time alone with him and I told him how much I loved him and all the joy he had brought into my life. I thanked him for being so special and I told him that I would miss him terribly. I also told him to wait at the Bridge for me and then we would be together again forever.
I miss him very much, but I see him in my dreams and that helps so much to ease the pain. He was truly a blessing to his dad and myself.
We Only Have Them For a Little While
We humans are prone to chase rainbows,
always wanting that pot of gold.
But the wisest of us remember the joy
of just a small creature to hold.
Allow yourself to accept their great gift,
and know what devotion is worth.
If you've been loved by a dog,
you're the richest person on earth.
But their lives are lived in miniature
bright sun to palest moon.
They bless our days with innocence,
and faithfulness that's stilled too soon.
These precious lives are fragile,
as fleeting as a baby's smile.
So give them all the love you have.
They're only ours for a little while.
And in the lonely moments
when you pause to wonder why,
hold close those brightest shooting stars
that burn so briefly in our sky.
But then look deeper in your heart to know
all love must intertwine,
and when the night sky seems the darkest,
you'll see their light forever shine.