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In Loving Memory of ^Lucky^
For Jack
Our ^Granny-Angel^
Our Beloved ^Bob^
Our Precious ^Missy Anne^
In Memory of Our Little ^Mr. Higgins^
In Memory of ^Violet^
::Mandy Went Missing::
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The next two pages will introduce you to my beloved furchildren, 4 canines and 7 felines. They give myself and my husband happiness and joy unending and always a giggle or two every day. Our home and our lives would be so empty without them!
The third page is my tribute to the angel furkid who waits for me at the Rainbow Bridge and the fourth page will introduce you to my beautiful Jack.
Page 5 is in tribute to our sweet old cat, Granny, with page 6 paying tribute to our dear Bob.
Page 7 is in dedication to the memory of our beautiful Missy Anne, whom we loved perhaps just a little more than the other pets who have graced our lives.
Page 8 is in remembrance of our beloved Mandy.
Important Note: It is with regret that I must inform you that Tripod will no longer offer for free their sitebuilder, Trellix. Although the site will remain online, there will be no way to provide any further updates to the site.


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September 11, 2001

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