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;;The Feline Furbabies::

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;;The Feline Furbabies::
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We are the proud pet parents of 7 indoor-only felines, D.C., Maggie, Sam, Itty-Bitty-Kitty, Sonny, Sheba, and Easter.

D.C. (below) 
is a rescue and a mama's boy. He's 10 years old now and hubby and myself adopted him at age 10 weeks. His eyes are crystal blue and he weighs about 15 pounds. D.C. doesn't really like being held, but does enjoy being a lap cat. His favorite treat is banana and he also has a powerful sweet tooth. (Though the experts claim that cats can't taste sweets!) D.C. is precious, beautiful, and very much loved.


This is SONNY. (below)
We rescued him from a vicious dog attack when he was between 6-8 weeks old. (Age determined by veternarian.) We never found out where he came from, so we decided to give him a forever home. We named this special kitten SONNY (after the famous boxer, Sonny Liston) because he bats at something with his front paws curled up, resembling boxing gloves. SONNY is going on 6 years old now and weighs 15 pounds.


MAGGIE (below)
is also a rescue. She was the offspring of a feral mother. She was captured and taken to the animal shelter as a kitten, which is where we found her. She hides from anyone but my hubby and myself. She doesn't really like being held, in any way, shape or form, but she is affectionate and playful. MAGGIE is tiny at just 7 pounds and we "guesstimate" her age at about 9-10 years old.


a Manx, is yet another rescue from our veternarian's office. He was there for over a month, with no one claiming him or wanting to adopt him. The moment I saw him, I knew that he was supposed to belong to me. SAM came home on March 11, 2002. He was approximately 8 months old. SAM sleeps on his back and he's very easy-going. On the otherhand, when he's feeling playful, he can go from 0 to 60 in 2.5 seconds! :)


was one more rescue! He had been dropped off at a dumpster. While throwing some garbage away, we heard a kitten's cry and that was the first time we went "dumpster diving" for a cat! While he was still very young, we had him neutered and all vaccinations, but it is virtually impossible now to capture him for treatment of any kind. I am the only human who can touch him and no one has ever seen him, with the exception of my husband. Itty is very affecionate and playful and one of my favorites of all my cats.


I found EASTER (below)
curled up in a tiny ball in our driveway one early morning. She meowed, but otherwise behaved as though she didn't feel well. I scooped her up and immediately took her to the vet clinic. Diagnosis: Pregnant.
The vet explained that the reason the kitten didn't feel well was due to the pregnancy because she was so young. The kittens were aborted, EASTER was spayed, and then she joined our already expanding family of furkids. EASTER came to us during the holiday, thus her name.  She is the one who perhaps means just a little more to me than the others. She's a mama's cat!


The following message recently appeared on Sheryl's graphic design site...
It is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that Sheryl has lost her battle with cancer on Sunday June 14th, 2009.
She was a wonderful, caring & loving mother and wife to her family.
She was a great friend to all that knew her (whether in person or through the internet.)
I will miss her tremendously. Rest well my friend, we will meet again one day.